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Team Zarate Tarrani. I was snooping around Amazon, reading various reviews, and I repeatedly came across excellent comments from Linda Zarate and Mike Tarrani. Turns out they work together as the pricipals of Team Zarate Tarrani, specialists in IT Operations Management. Linda and Mike have a (new?) weblog called Notes from the Field, and they operate the IT Management Operations Forum discussion group. I haven't dug too deeply yet, but it looks like Team Zarate Tarrani covers many operational IT issues. And you can read their book reviews online. Mike has already left some interesting comments on my web-hosting discussion forum.
[Source: Notes From the Field]
Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2002 10:35:57 PM   

The European Web Hosting Market Year In Review. Adam Eisner of theWHIR.com write, "A number of firms had great financial success in Europe, and expanded their operations throughout the continent. Other companies, however, regard 2001 as a disaster as they scale down their European operations or pull out of the market completely." A good summary that covers WorldPort, WorldCom, Dialtone Internet, Rackspace, Genuity, Exodus and KPNQwest.
[Source: Web Host Industry Review]
Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2002 12:04:29 PM   

2001 Year In Review. Rawlson King reviews the demise of PSINet, Exodus and 360Networks.
[Source: Web Host Industry Review]
Posted Tuesday, January 01, 2002 2:12:40 AM   

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