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Software-as-Service = Failure? Tom Siebel, CEO of Siebel Systems "...is being forced to eat some more humble pie. The company plans to announce today that it has entered a partnership with IBM to offer its software over the Internet as a low-cost monthly service. The move comes barely two years after the company abandoned a previous attempt to do the same thing amid statements by Mr. Siebel that generally dismissed the concept."

"'Three years ago there was very little market for this,' Mr. Siebel says in an interview. Now, though, he says, changes in technology and in corporate buying patterns mean 'this is the way software is going to be delivered in the future.'"

"'Salesforce.com is eating their lunch at the bottom and even the middle of the market,' says Amy Wohl."

This is a watershed event. When the big-name naysayers admit they're wrong, you know web services have turned a corner. [Source: Yesterday's Wall Street Journal (print edition)]
Posted Friday, October 03, 2003 8:31:53 AM   



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