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Doug Kaye's thoughts on web services, web hosting and managed services.

John Robb's Intelligent Defense John is producing a virtual-conference series "dedicated to a deeper understanding of next generation terrorism and what we can do to defend ourselves against it." I'll be broadcasting his interviews live (and on-demand) on IT Conversations.

The first program is on "Analyzing Terrorist Networks." John's guest will be Valdis Krebs. A first for IT Conversations, we will host live telephone call-ins for this show.
Posted Saturday, July 10, 2004 5:05:12 PM   

Ray Ozzie (Supernova 2004) First as the creator of Notes and now as CEO of Groove Networks, Ray has been trying to change work through communications tools for 20 years. In this presentation recorded at Supernova 2004, Ray discusses recent experience using Groove in a truly distributed enviornment: support of humanitarian operations in Iraq. Think of it: There's no IT department, no Xerox machines, everything must be secure, and oh yeah...people may be shooting at you. The inside-the-beltway folks are thinking centralization: servers, but they're not addressing the social-software realities of how people work and how they form ad-hoc relationships. Here's a clip:
Posted Saturday, July 10, 2004 3:33:15 PM   



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