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Web Services Strategies

Beyond the technology, IT strategies for implementation of Web services by Doug Kaye.

Web Services: Is the End Near? From the the XML Web Services One conference in Boston:

  • Don Box, now an architect at Microsoft, said the "protocol work is starting to wind down, the infrastructure is catching up with protocols and it's time to start thinking about applications."
  • Robert Sutor, IBM's director of e-business standards strategy, said he believes the industry has about another six-to-nine months of Web services standardization work to do and then another couple of years to focus on applications and implementing the standards.
  • "We needed a replacement for DCOM, so XML Web services is the way we went," said Box.
  • Box also said that SOAP 1.3 is a bad idea because the specification covers all the necessary functionality for a SOAP implementation. "SOAP 1.2 should be the end of the line."
[Source: eWeek]
Posted Thursday, August 29, 2002 10:12:43 AM   

Web Services in California Government "Michael Clark, who works for California's Department of Social Services wrote me with a wonderful story of using XML to link multiple government systems." Read why Michael used XML-RPC instead of SOAP. [Source: Phil Windley]
Posted Thursday, August 29, 2002 9:59:54 AM   



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