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SMIL, You're on the Internet Jon Udell has posted a demo of random-access MP3 audio clips using SMIL and the Real Player. This is a terrific first step towards the goals of universal virtual clips and synchronized audio and transcripts.

I'd like to create a web form on IT Conversations that allows visitors to enter a program ID and a start time to generate a SMIL file. If I kept that file on our server (or revreated it dynamically) it could then be referred to by others (i.e., blogged). Just gotta study Jon's example and learn how to SMIL.

As far as syncronizing speech and transcripts, that's something I've long wanted to do. In anticipation, I've maintained all of our transcripts in XML. There are just two tags: <speaker /> and <speech /> and every paragraph is tagged with the latter. I could add a timestamp= or offset= element to the <speech /> tag and thereby index every paragraph by its time offset in the file. Now...to find or create a player and clip-authoring tool that can deal with those tags...
Posted Tuesday, June 01, 2004 1:54:03 PM   



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