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Beyond the technology, IT strategies for implementation of Web services by Doug Kaye.

Patricia Seybold on Liberty. Yesterday I published my analysis of the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 spec. Today, Patricia Seybold and Geoffrey Bock published theirs. It's almost as though we were reading from the same script. (Great minds think alike?) Sound bytes from Seybold:

  • Not customer centric enough! [Exclamation theirs]
  • Liberty just saves you the step of logging on separately to each of these supplier's sites.
  • ...displeased with the marketing-centric approach...
  • ...the group's vision is one in which businesses make marketing partnerships with one another and customers opt into these business relationships...
  • ...no provision yet (in Version 1.0) for customers to control which of their profile information they want to share in which contexts with which providers.
  • Federated single sign-on is a good start. [This is where I differ with Seybold. I think the concept is fundamentally flawed. Read my essay and tell me what you think.]

Posted Thursday, September 05, 2002 10:34:20 PM   



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