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Doug Kaye's thoughts on web services, web hosting and managed services.

What's Wrong With This Picture? Would you pay nearly $1,000 per employee for a knowledge-management portal for your organization? If you did, would you be proud of it? According to a story in InternetWeek, that's what MWH Global did. And since employees "proved reluctant to use it," the company eliminated the existing email system (Notes) and replaced it with web-based email that forces employees to interact with the KM system. Does that sound right to you?
Posted Thursday, December 13, 2001 8:24:15 PM   

Can't We All Just Get Along? Lest you think that the Internet is run by grownups, and that peering is a well-managed and standardized practice, read how Sprint and Conxion are in a pissing contest over peering, fees and technology. [Source: Tomalak's Realm]
Posted Thursday, December 13, 2001 12:48:11 PM   

The Doug Files. To check out Google's usenet archives, I searched for my own postings. It seems that over the past 18 years I've mostly posted questions, not answers. The oldest one I found was this one to net.micro.pc in 1985, looking for some C runtime libraries. (We were developing a terminal emulator at the time.) But my favorite is this response on net.misc in 1983 to a post in which I wrote that "I expect ADA to replace UNIX and C in the multi-user multi-task column. [...] Remember, 'C' is really just a high-level assembler language for the PDP-11." I sure hope my analysis and forecasting has improved. Fellow bloggers: Can you find your most-embarassing moment on Usenet?
Posted Thursday, December 13, 2001 8:54:43 AM   



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