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RSS Authentication. Scott Loftensness and I were discussing something off-list, and it got me thinking about how to provide authenticated access to syndication when using a desktop RSS-reader such as Radio or Headline Viewer. Here's the challenge. In an intranet environment, once can restrict access to RSS files at the network layer. That is, using firewalls and VPNs one can control who can reach the HTTP server that delivers the files.

But what about an extranet environment? Suppose you want to publish weblogs and their associated RSS files, but restrict them to customers, vendors and other partners? It's easy to use basic authentication (username/password) to limit access to the HTML renderings of the weblogs, but what about the XML? For instance, do any of the RSS viewers support authentication? Are there any considerations within the various RSS specs themselves for authentication? (They're just XML, so I imagine not.) [Source: BlogBook] discuss
Posted Saturday, December 15, 2001 9:55:29 PM   



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