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Asynchrony and Web Services. Ronald Schmelzer of ZapThink writes, "Implementing Web services simply as an extension of synchronous, object-oriented technologies and approaches will quickly complicate any effort to realize the benefits of an SOA. As a result, it is imperative for companies to implement asynchrony -- one of the three fundamental tenets of service-orientation -- in order to meet the requirements of long-running, business-critical processes."

I don't see that OO is in anyway tied to the synchronous model. They're ortohgonal concepts. OTOH, Ron is certainly correct that asynchrony (asynchronicity?) is one of the requirements to support what Hagel and JSB refer to as LLLCATs: Long-Lived Loosely Coupled Asynchronous Transactions. [Source: SearcehWebServices.com]
Posted Saturday, June 07, 2003 8:40:40 AM   

Transactions and Web Services. Just uploaded a terrific audio interview with Eric Newcomer (CTO of IONA) to the IT Conversations site. Stream or download this complete Transactions 101 from the guy who literally wrote the book: ACID, TP monitors, asynchronous messaging, loose coupling, SOAP, RPC vs. document models, orchestration, and the state and future of standards. (This is a preview. The site goes live on Monday.)
Posted Saturday, June 07, 2003 12:28:10 AM   



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