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Speak Out! What Do You Think About RSS and the Echo Project? We've produced a new feature called IT Conversations: recorded audio interviews with smart, interesting people. I'm currently planning a Conversation about RSS and The Echo Project, but with a twist: I'm going to include recorded comments from the blogging community at large.

If you have something to say about the history and future of RSS, The Echo Project, or weblogs in general, I'd like to hear it, and possibly include your comments in next week's IT Conversation.

If you have something to say, here's what to do: Call my office telephone and leave your comments on my voicemail. (Yeah, I know...it's so 20th century!) I'll edit the comments and use the best of them as part of next week's show. Since it's a first-time experiment, I don't have a dedicated phone line for this--you'll be calling my regular office telephone. (If this works well, I promise I'll get a dedicated line, perhaps with an 800#, before doing it again.) The trick--from my end--is that I can't answer the phone, so please call only during the following times:

Call: (U.S.) 415.453.1400, only during the following hours...
Thursday, June 26, 10am-11am Pacific time (1pm-2pm  Eastern)
                    6pm- 8pm Pacific time (9pm-11pm Eastern)
Friday, June 27,   10am-11am Pacific time (1pm-2pm  Eastern)
                    6pm- 8pm Pacific time (9pm-11pm Eastern)
At other times, I'll likely answer the phone, and you'll have to talk to me!

Help me spread the word to those in the blogging community with strong opinions about the history and future of RSS.
Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2003 8:47:54 PM   

Good Luck to the Echo Project. RSS has been a messy specification, subject to personal politics and name calling among people claiming control over it. Now, Sam Ruby has created The Echo Project to develop a solid successor that transcends the pettiness and adopts the best ideas from all sources. No politics--just good design with input from everyone. It's a bold move with incredible support from the blogging and content-management communities. I wish the project well. Count me among the supporters!
Posted Wednesday, June 25, 2003 7:50:04 PM   



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